TEAM WIRELORE is the code name for the developers behind PROJECT VOLITION.

We're a group of university friends that want to tell stories on our own terms, and create the sort of games we grew up playing. Hope you'll enjoy what we make, as much as we enjoyed making it.

PROJECT VOLITION is currently playable on Wishlist us on Steam!

In PROJECT VOLITION, you are Clara, a NEET living in the Y2K era. When your friend receives a mysterious chain e-mail that leads to an abandoned office, you find yourself trapped within walls that seem to pulse with blood and flesh.Your friend goes missing. your anxiety heightens. the walls glisten with digital haze. can you make it out alive?PROJECT VOLITION is a proof of concept and works as a standalone experience.



Systems & visual designer, artist

Recovering terminally online edgelord, practicing grass toucher


Space camping hotpot interrupted by disconnection

Programmer, systems designer


Narrative designer, writer

Alien catgirl mortician with a love for all things sci-fi horror


Artist, animator

Fish who loves love and the occasional body horror, as a treat!

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